Why Choose Collection 55 Cellars?

Your Go-To for Wine Storage in Redwood City

Wine is a living, breathing commodity, and when stored under the right conditions, will mature beautifully. That’s why Collection 55 Cellars offers the ideal environment to protect your wine collection from harmful influences, such as exposure to oxygen, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, excessive light, and seismic activity. Our onsite wine storage professionals constantly monitor storage conditions to ensure your investment is protected. Storing your collection with Collection 55 Cellars allows you the space to organize your wine and delivers peace-of-mind security knowing your liquid assets are protected from the elements and theft.


Red wine in glasses and a sealed bottle on a walnut counter in Redwood City, California
Neatly lined-up bottles of wine at Collection 55 Cellars in Redwood City, California

Honor Your Passion for Wine

At Collection 55 Cellars, we know that building a home wine storage locker is a costly venture. That’s why we’ve perfected a storage facility that maintains wine in the ideal environment. Whether you’ve spent years curating your collection of rare and premium reds or are new to discovering wine and its value as an investment, why not rely on a wine storage locker or unit carefully constructed to offer the perfect blend of security, protection, and space?

Give one of our storage experts a call to discover just how affordable and convenient it is to store your wine at Collection 55 Cellars. We are happy to give you an in-person tour of our premium wine storage facility in Redwood City.